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ISK was the first company in Japan to develop technology for hot-dip galvanizing of nuts and bolts. Since then, as a multi-function bolt manufacturer, the company has been manufacturing products of consistently high quality. With the further refinement of our technology in recent years, our business activities now also encompass the field of segments.

The needs of the times in which we live require us to seek out essential functions in diverse spheres and more efficient alternative means. Moreover, technological developments are advancing in search of technologies never before achievable. Constantly aware of the needs of the times, ISK has endeavored to develop a wide diversity of products and technologies.

The successes of these endeavors have earned ISK high acclaim both at home and overseas, spurring us on to ever-greater achievements.

Maintaining a constant understanding of the pulse of the times and meeting the needs generated by that pulse, ISK will continue to build the know-how it needs to serve both society and its customers.