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In 1930, the company's founder, Katsuji Ishikawa, conducted research into and development of hot-dip galvanizing of nuts and bolts used on high-voltage power transmission lines and these products have since been incorporated into pylons for almost 70 years. We believe that it is the outstanding rust-resistance of our products, our manufacturing system that integrates the optimum equipment and technologies and our quality assurance system that have won ISK high acclaim.

Current Bolt Sizes: Base parts up to φ95 and upper parts up to φ42
Type of Material & Grade: ISK develops products which meet the previous standards of Japan Steel Tower Association SS41, SS50, SCR440, SCM435 and also the current standards of Japan Steel Tower Association 4.6, 5.8, 6.8, 9.8 (and some of 10.9).
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