Segment Construction
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Product Information
ISK supplies segment coupling bolts for use in places such as road tunnels, subway tunnels, waterworks and multi-purpose utility conduits that constitute the very arteries of metropolitan areas.

In response to the overwhelming need in a wide diversity of fields for measures to prevent the corrosion of bolts caused by atmospheric pollution, salt and water, ISK promotes the development of products featuring anti-corrosion performance.
Hex Head Bolt Sizes: M16-M52
Strengths: 4.6, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9
Stainless Insert Nuts and Hex Head Nuts with various sizes are available.
We distribute various types of products to meet our customer's requirements.
Surface Treatment
  1. PTFE Coating
  2. Dacrotized Coating
  1. Japan Metropolitan Expressway
  2. Tokyo Bay Aqualine Tunnel
  3. Subways
  4. Japan Railway Tozai Line
  5. Community Communication Compact Cable Box
  6. Sewerage/Waterworks